10 Awesome Nature Day Care Pics

We have been fortunate to be able to send our little one to a nature day care close to the nature center I work at. Not only is our daycare provider an amazing woman that organizes fantastic activities and really aligns with our style of parenting but she also sees the value in having children outside. Take a look at these 10 pictures from the last 18 months that show just how powerful nature day care can be!


Her obsession with rocks started at a young age!


Enjoying the sunshine in the swings!


The other children built her her own water play station at the pond at daycare 🙂


Investigating a frog


She was over-joyed by seeing the moon in the sky!


Just doing a little climbing in the winter time


The rock obsession continues (even to this day!)


So does the enjoyment of swinging and the wind in her hair


Sometimes nature comes inside too, just like these little puppies that our daycare family breeds

Bike Washing

Getting her bike-washing on (*disclaimer: NaturallyTeaching.com does not condone child labor, she did this out of enjoyment; score for us!)

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