10 Unique Beach Activities

Unique Beach Activities

Summer has arrived and with it comes long days, hot temperatures and trips to the beach. Experience the beach in a new and exciting way with these 10 unique beach activities.

Make a Sandy Handprint Keepsake by Crafting a Green World to remember your day with ūüôā

Beach Handprint

Make Seashore Windchimes by Home Sweet Homemade as a sweet reminder of your time spent as a family!

Seashore Windchimes

Make a Beach Memory Sensory Bottle– using a plastic water bottle or soda bottle gather items from the beach that your little one likes, place them in the bottle and fill it with sand. Hot glue the top in order to keep your little one from opening their treasure and dumping the sand everywhere.

Create a Nature Beach Alphabet by taking pictures of things at the beach that look like the letters of the alphabet. Crop your pictures, print them and then create your family names from them.

Play¬†Don’t Knock Down the Castle, a jenga-style game where you build a sand castle and then take turns removing a shovel of sand one at a time until the entire castle falls.

 Play Beach Bowling by Mom.me for a hoot-n-hollering time!

Beach Bowling

Play Water Relay by Mom.me to keep cool while out in the sun!

Water Relay

Play Shell Shuffle by Mom.me to practice balance and patience.

Shell Shuffle

Play¬†Crack the Egg where everyone¬†sits in the water by the tide-line curled up like an egg rocking with the waves, “cracking” one by one until only one person remains.

Make a Drip Castle as posted on Parents.com, a new and fun take on the age-old sand castle.

Drip Castle

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  1. The activities seem fun. Thanks for sharing!

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