Bird iView Window Clings Review

Bird Window Cling NT

I recently purchased the Bird iView Window Clings to be used on the windows closest to our bird feeders and let me tell you…we absolutely love them! The realistic pictures are beautiful and are helpful in identifying the birds that arrive at our bird feeder. There are 31 bird clings and most of them are very common feeder birds. This makes it a very applicable purchase since we have seen several of the birds already visiting. There is also a chart on the back that provide the type of feeder and food each bird will eat so that you can try to attract certain species.

Since our daughter is only 20 months we have placed the window clings on a small whiteboard next to the window for her to use as a find motor exercise- she removes them from the whiteboard and places them on the window and then removes them and places them back on the whiteboard.

However, when she gets older we plan to have her use the window clings to keep track of which birds have come to our bird feeder and potentially tally how many of each species has visited. It will be a fun and exciting way of introducing her to graphing and collecting data.

I have also provided these window clings to first grade teachers to keep track of which birds visit the bird feeders outside of their classroom windows and they love them as well!

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