Time Vista Picnic Blanket Review

Picnic Blanket

For families with little ones, this waterproof picnic blanket is a must have for all occasions. It features a waterproof bottom and the ability to fold and zip up into a cushion. Most recently we used it for our 4th of July celebration which was fantastic as it kept the…

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Outdoor Activities for Kids: Giant Bubbles

Giant Bubbles

My grandma had purchased us the “Bubble Thing” which was a kit that included a bubble loop and giant bubble mix; an all-in-one kit to creating humongous bubbles! Just this week we got the opportunity to try out it out, even though my grandmother had gotten it for her second birthday…

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ChicoBag Produce Stand Review

Chico Produce Sampler

After having such great success with the ChicoBag snack bags I looked into their other products. Another area that I was trying to limit our environmental impact was with produce bags; such a waste to put greens, apples and other food in plastic bags simply to transport home. ChicoBag came…

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ChicoBag Snack Time Review

Chico Snack Bags

I have recently been very frustrated with the number of plastic bags that don’t get reused at work and at home that I searched for a substitute. Plastic bags take 500 years to decompose and I hate the thought of contributing to a world such as the one depicted in…

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Oakiwear Trail Rain Suit Review

Oaki Suit

As we get gearing up for nature preschool (I know it’s more than a year away, okay?!) we were eager to try out the Oakiwear trail rain suits that parents purchase for their little tykes. Today’s story hour was a perfect opportunity. I ran over to the preschool and snagged…

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Uncle Milton Moon In My Room Review

Uncle Milton Moon

For Christmas my husband and I bought our moon child Uncle Milton – Moon In My Room. After reading several conflicting reviews we thought we’d give it a try. It seemed like a low-stress investment at only $20 on sale on Amazon when we bought it (we later found it…

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Bird iView Window Clings Review

Bird Window Cling NT

I recently purchased the Bird iView Window Clings to be used on the windows closest to our bird feeders and let me tell you…we absolutely love them! The realistic pictures are beautiful and are helpful in identifying the birds that arrive at our bird feeder. There are 31 bird clings…

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