DIY Felt Weather Board

DIY Felt Weather Board

Our squirt has been obsessed with weather since she was about 6 months old and watched her first thunderstorm (she also needs to know what is blocking her beloved moon on cloudy days!). In order to encourage her intrigue with this phenomenon I have been working on putting together a weather board for her. I first tried with tree cookies and velcro and wasn’t a huge fan of the final product. I then moved on to a felt board and was super excited about how it looked and functioned for my now 2 year old.

Weather Board Printable

Using the Weather Board Free Printable sheet as a template I traced and cut out 2 gray clouds, 2 lightning bolts, 2 white clouds, 6 blue rain drops, and 1 sun. I used a large 12″X 18″ piece of light blue felt as the sky background. I left the completed product out for her to discover when she woke up in the morning and boy did it go over well! Our little squirts started moving the raindrops around and putting them in clouds and making thunder sound effects, she even took the pieces to the window to try and get them to stick (after experimenting with it for a few minutes she decided it wouldn’t work and moved back to the felt background). Who knew weather could be so amazing!

*Teacher Tip: create a set of felt weather pieces for keeping track of the weather for the week. Section your background sheet of felt into days of the week and create a meteorologist job to update the weather each day. This is also fun for a free exploration center during choice time.

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