Expression Swing Review

Expression Swing Review

This week led our family to a fantastic discovery! While visiting one of the local parks we came upon an unusual swing that allowed for the adult with a young child to swing in front of said child. Of course we had to test it out! Here are some photos that speak more than words about this wonderful invention:

Swinging Expression Swing


This swing is called an Expression Swing so that you can take the opportunity to “see what you’ve been missing” on their faces as you push them. My little one and I absolutely loved the interaction we could have as well as the ability to swing her a little higher than I normally do. It is very sturdy and mobile, everything you could ask for. Why weren’t they made sooner?! If you’re interested in getting one of these put into your park, visit their page for more information, Game Time.

IMG_20160704_194512417 (1)

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