Frogging for the Family

Frogging for the Family

Some of the most popular programs that we offer at the nature center are programs revolving around catching frogs. Everyone has a story about how they went out with their brother or sister, their mom or dad, or even their neighborhood friends catching frogs in the local creek or vernal pools. Tapping into these fond memories is one way that we reconnect people with nature through our programming.

In mid-Michigan, April is the optimal time to go frogging. The Western Chorus frogs fill the evening air along with the intermediate peeping of the Spring Peeper and they call to our family to come and catch them. Answering that call we moved out to catch as many frogs as we could. We were armed with nothing more than a net, a small plastic bucket and rubber boots. We heard tons of frogs, but unfortunately, only caught one Wood frog. However, our little squirts showed off her mad-nature-skills by stepping on reeds, dipping down into the water on her own, and staying out past dark in dedication of the mission.


Spend some time with your family making life-long memories surrounding these amazing amphibians!

*Teacher Tip: going out to a local pond or vernal pool can be a great opportunity to teach life cycles and animal characteristics. If you do not have nets you can use recyclables to collect water and sift through leaf litter in search of different levels of life cycles.

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