Keep Calm and Let Them Help

Many children have an inherent desire to help with everyday chores including dishes, laundry and cooking. As parents we often get so caught up in getting these chores done quickly and efficiently that our children’s desire to help gets squashed in the process.


My sister-in-law reminded me today just how important a couple extra minutes can mean to our little squirt. Instead of telling my little one “no” when she wanted to help with the dishes my sister-in-law instead kept her cool and did dishes while also allowing my little one to play in the water. By allowing her to “help” with the dishes at such a young age it can foster a desire for her to help at an older age and make chores an easier task in the future.

Let Them Help NT

I took this same philosophy later in the day when my little girl decided she wanted to help me with laundry. Although it took me an extra ten minutes to refold the items she unfolded, I saw the joy in her face when I told her that “she was helpful for folding the laundry with mama”. Hopefully I can continue to keep this important lesson in mind while I go about my busy life and keep my little one interested in helping others.

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