Monitor Your Baby Without the Cost

When registering for baby items two years ago my husband and I contemplated a baby monitor for our future squirt. We had heard wonders about the peace of mind it had brought our friends and our friends’ friends so we thought we would look into it. Not only are they crazy expensive they seemed a little over-kill for us; especially since we were planning on her sleeping in our room for a year (that year has turned into a year and a half- beware future parents!). Why should we spend upwards of $100 on something we wouldn’t use very often when we could buy something much more applicable with the same money?

And then we found our solution, our free solution as a matter of fact. On the Android market is an app called “Baby Monitor” that allows you the opportunity to monitor your baby with the baby alarm, read about baby facts, look at images from previous monitor sessions and track your baby’s sleep with the sleep diary.

This nifty app turned into a great tool for our family; to be honest though, we only use the baby alarm to monitor our little squirt at night before we come to bed. However, the baby alarm allows for customization of the sensitivity, so I can lay my phone next to our daughter and if she makes noise it alerts my husband’s phone either by text or by call based on our preference.

Baby Monitor - screenshot

If you are like us and you don’t want to spend the money on an expensive piece of technology you’ll use a handful of times and you have two cell phones with at least one of which being a smart phone, this app or one like it may be very beneficial for you. It also happens to be an eco-friendly choice since you are reusing a device for yet another purpose. Go forth and have peace of mind thanks to modern technology!!!

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