Nature Books for Kids: A Wood Frog’s Life

A Wood Frog's Life

This featured nature book for kids A Wood Frog’s Life is a picture book written and illustrated by John Himmelman for children ages 5 and up.

My Experience with A Wood Frog’s Life

I have used this featured nature book for kids for a story hour and for spring break camp. We started the story hour by reading The Secret Pool by Rebekah Raye and Kimberley Ridley, a fantastic book about vernal pools (a pond only found during the spring and early summer). We then read A Wood Frog’s Life, a forest frog that spends part of its lifecycle using vernal pools.

A Wood Frog’s Life Crafts

After reading the stories we made two crafts inspired by the books. The process craft we made was a wood frog cup-and-ball (similar to the one posted on Beth Watson Design Studio). Using toilet paper tubes, markers/crayons, pink yarn, pony beads and frog leg cut outs, we assembled a frog that had a bead tied to the end of the yarn that would be swung in an effort to catch the critter for the frog’s dinner.

The product craft that we made for this story hour was a stamped coloring page of a vernal pool. The children colored the vernal pool and then stamped them with different things they could find in them including leaves, fairy shrimp, tadpoles, frogs and more.

A Wood Frog’s Life Outdoor Activities

After creating our springy crafts we went outside and spent the rest of the story hour dipping in the vernal pools.

Overall, this book was a fun way to introduce the children to a frog that doesn’t live in the pond and also to the concept of vernal pools. Spend some time outside this spring looking at things from vernal pools, you’ll see a whole new world come to life in front of your eyes!

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