Nature Books for Kids: Owl Moon

Owl Moon

This featured nature book for kids Owl Moon is a fictional picture book written by Jane Yolen that received the Caldecott Award in 1988. Owl Moon is a great introduction to owling for kiddos ages 3-7.

My Experience with Owl Moon

I have used this featured nature book for kids for a story hour. We started the story hour by reading Little Owl’s Night by Divya Srinivasan. We then read Owl Moon talking about how to go look for owls during the nighttime.

Owl Moon Crafts

After reading the stories we made two owl crafts. The process craft we worked on for this story hour was an owl pellet made from cotton balls, white pompoms, white beads, white pipe cleaners and plastic bags. I provided the kiddos with print outs of a bone chart to get them inspired and then let them create their own piece of undigested vomit 🙂

The product craft that we made for this story hour was an owl mask. There are a variety of templates that can be found on google and is a great way to allow children to work on fine motor skills as well as give them a functional craft. We used this craft to role play owls on our outdoor hike.

Owl Moon Outdoor Activities

Unfortunately, the temperatures outside were very cold on this particular story hour day so we spent very little time outside. We did a quick look around the building to count as many owls as we could and then we went outside for a quick hike and acted like owls as we walked down the trail. When we came close to the last place I had seen a Barred owl we stopped and played a recording to try and get it to call back. Unfortunately we did not get a response, but as we reminded ourselves from he book, sometimes there’s an owl and sometimes there’s not.

Overall, this book was a fun way to introduce the children to the idea of going out and looking for owls. They really enjoyed the book about owls and getting the chance to go out and look for these illusive nocturnal critters!

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