Nature Books for Kids: The Little Cloud

Little Cloud

This featured nature book for kids The Little Cloud is a fictional picture book written by Eric Carle. The Little Cloud is a fun take on clouds and cloud watching for kiddos ages 3-5.

My Experience with The Little Cloud

I have used this featured nature book for kids for a story hour and with my 2 year old at home. We started the story hour by reading What Makes the Weather? by Janet Palazzo. We then read The Little Cloud talking about the different shapes the cloud took culminating in a rain cloud similar to the one we saw in our previous book.

The Little Cloud Crafts

After reading the stories we made two cloud crafts. The process craft we worked on for this story hour was a puffy cloud picture. I created white puffy paint by mixing 1/3 Elmer’s glue with 2/3 shaving cream. Using large Popsicle sticks the children plopped white puffy paint onto blue construction paper to make a foamy sky to hang up at home.

Puffy Paint Clouds

The product craft that we made for this story hour was a weather wheel. I made the weather wheel template on Microsoft word and pre-cut the wheels and arrows. Using markers or crayons the children colored both their wheel and arrow and put them together with a brad.

Weather Wheel

The Little Cloud Outdoor Activities

Before heading outside I introduced our outdoor hike as an opportunity to pretend to be water droplets. We began as water droplets leaving the pond as gas to join a cloud. We created a cloud in a jar by putting hot water into a large jar, dropping a lit match into the water and putting a cold bowl of ice on top of the jar. The water vapor trying to leave the jar condensed onto the smoke particles to form a cloud. We then let the cloud out of the jar before heading outside. We left the building on our way to the cloud sign, hopping along the trail as a water droplet experiencing a change in energy to evaporate from liquid to gas. Once we reached the cloud sign we joined hands and made a large nimbus cloud which would bring rain to the Earth. We walked hand in hand until we reached our rain in a jar station (thanks for the idea Playdough to Plato!)

Rain Jar

Using water in jars, shaving cream on top, pipettes, and blue liquid water color in a jar the children got to make it rain. After creating heavy rain clouds we wiggle-rained our way to the groundwater sign. Once we rained down to the ground we “snaked” our way through the ground and the children got to pick if they wanted to enter a plant or the pond from the ground. Most of the kids picked the pond and we verbally walked through our hike talking about how we started in the pond and ended up back in the pond. We then came back inside and had an indoor snowball fight!

Overall, this book was a fun way to introduce the children to the idea of weather and cloud watching. They really enjoyed the outdoor activities and all the different weather was very intriguing to them!

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