Nature Books for Kids: The Longest Night


This featured nature book for kids The Longest Night is a fictional picture book written by Marion Dane Bauer. The Longest Night is a fictitious look at the winter solstice for kiddos ages 4-7.

My Experience with The Longest Night

I have used this featured nature book for kids for a story hour. We started the story hour by reading The Sun is My Favorite Star by Frank Asch. We then read The Longest Night talking about the different animals we saw on each page and how the hours of sunlight will continue to get longer from the winter solstice on.

The Longst Night Crafts

After reading the stories we made two celestial related crafts. The product craft we worked on for this story hour was a winter solstice coloring page. Thanks goes out to Little Bins for Little Hands for providing this free printout!


The process craft that we made for this story hour was a celestial suncatcher. I provided star, moon and sun templates that the kiddos could trace and cut out of black or yellow construction paper. Using contact paper and tissue paper scraps we constructed and hung up their beautiful suncatchers.


The Longest Night Indoor Activities

Unfortunately, the temperatures outside were too cold on this particular story hour day so we spent our time inside. We spent some time around a plush fire talking about the return of the sun after the longest night, often symbolized by fire. We then built indoor forts using chairs, tables, sheets and pillows. We pretended to take long sleeps in our forts similar to how we would feel on the longest night of the year.

Overall, this book was a fun way to introduce the children to the winter solstice. They really enjoyed the animals telling their own story and they had tons of fun making forts inside!

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