Nature Books for Kids: The Apple Pie Tree


This featured nature book for kids The Apple Pie Tree is a picture book written by Zoe Hall. The Apple Pie Tree is an introductory book that shows the life cycle of the apple tree and how it is processed into an apple pie. It also shows the life cycle of the robins living in the tree; all this for children ages 4-8.

My Experience with The Apple Pie Tree

I have used this featured nature book for kids for a story hour and I know that it is a favorite at our nature preschool. We began the story hour by reading Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson which complemented The Apple Pie Tree very well and was interactive for the kids. We then read The Apple Pie Tree whose beautiful illustrations and simple language made the life cycle of a tree and robins easy to comprehend.

The Apple Pie Tree Crafts

After reading both of the books we partook in two apple themed crafts. First, the children were encouraged to create a fizzy apple painting by using the two specialty liquid color paint that I mixed up. I used red and green liquid watercolor paint, since apples could be both colors, and I mixed the red paint with water and baking soda and then I mixed the green paint with water and vinegar. When the children put both colors on their apples it created a fizzy reaction. This process craft was the hit of the day!


After creating a fizzy apple, the children got the chance to make an apple pie satchet. A craft created in the late 1800s to scent drawers and shoes, this product craft brought in the kiddos’ sense of smell. Using red, green and yellow material cut into squares, apple jacks cereal, apple chips, cinnamon and yarn the children took home a little nugget that smelled exactly like apple pie.


The Apple Pie Tree Outdoor Activities

The outdoor activities for this book were not quite as obvious as some of the books that I have used in the past, but we still had a blast. The apple trees we have on our property were too far away to visit in the half an hour we had left, but we did take some time to look for some Michigan natives, crab apple trees. While looking for these trees we also played two “apple-themed” games. We worked on some gross motor skills by throwing balls around and then bringing them back to our “apple bucket” in some silly way; for example, I would yell out “under your armpit” or “under your chin” and they would bring the ball back following my instructions. It got pretty silly! We also played parachute games by trying to figure out the most effective way to get our “apples”, plastic balls, to fly off the parachute.

Overall, this book is a beautiful illustration of a tree life cycle and how food comes to be in one’s home. It has the added benefit of the life cycle of birds that use the tree as well. I encourage you during September to take some time to read this book to your kids or students, it’s wonderful!


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