Nature Books for Kids: Leaf Jumpers


This featured nature book for kids Leaf Jumpers is a picture book written by Carole Gerber. Leaf Jumpers is a fun story for kiddos ages 3-7 about children’s connection with leaves in the fall.

My Experience with Leaf Jumpers

I have used this featured nature book for kids for a story hour. We began the story hour by reading Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf a wonderful picture book by Lois Ehlert about a sugar maple that was bought from a nursery and planted in the child’s backyard. We then read Leaf Jumpers talking about the shapes and colors of the leaves.

Leaf Jumpers Crafts

After reading the stories we made one of our crafts and prepped the other to be used outside. First we created our product craft: marble leaves. Using shaving cream, tempura paint, Popsicle sticks and small trays we were able to create a beautiful marble pattern on our cardstock leaf cut-outs.


We then started our process craft which were leaf color crowns. To create this craft the parents stapled a rainbow strip like a crown to be completed outside.


Leaf Jumpers Outdoor Activities

The outdoor activities for this book were fun and engaging simply because kiddos love leaves! We walked outside with our rainbow crowns on and found a brilliant sugar maple tree right outside the building. Under this tree we found yellow, orange, pink, red and green leaves that the parents helped the kiddos staple on to their crowns. The children had a great time matching the colors and trying to find the whole rainbow (unfortunately we could not find blue, who could’ve guessed?). Under the brilliant sugar maple we worked together to create a leaf pile that didn’t have sticks for everyone to jump in and throw leaves into the air. Once we all got our fill of jumping in leaves we went for a little bit longer of a hike to find those last few colors we couldn’t find under the sugar maple and as we walked we came upon a sassafras tree that we crumpled the leaves and smelled its wonderful fruit-loopy smell. We also found some common mullein that we passed around for everyone to feel its soft exterior.

Overall, this book was a wonderful celebration of one of the most noted parts of the season. I highly suggest reading this with your kiddos and then taking them out for fun with leaves!

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