Nature Books for Kids: Noisy Bug Sing-Along

Noisy Bug Sing Along

This featured nature book for kids Noisy Bug Sing-Along is a picture book written by John Himmelman. Noisy Bug Sing-Along is an interactive book of noises for children ages 4-6. This book gets children engaged with their sense of sound and shows them the variety of insect sounds in a fun and intriguing way.

My Experience with Noisy Bug Sing-Along

I have used this featured nature book for kids for story hour, at camp and it is one of my favorite gifts for insect birthday parties. To get this story hour off to a start I began with the book The Very Clumsy Click Beetle by Eric Carle as it highlights the noise made by Click Beetles as they use a modified spine to thrust themselves into the air, also seen in the Noisy Bug Sing-Along. We then proceeded to reading the Noisy Bug Sing-Along and making the noises that each insect does. This book has a great sub-lesson in onomatopoeia words as each sound is easily recognizable as a match to the written words. After reading both books we switched over to our two crafts.

Noisy Bug Sing-Along Crafts

After reading about insects and the way that they make sounds we began by creating our very own Click Beetle Clickers. To create these wonderful noise makers we used little cardboard rectangles (approximately 2.5″x 1.5″) cut from a cardboard box, metal bottle caps, hot glue, markers and crayons. I prepared the click beetles by cutting out the rectangles, folding them in half, and hot gluing the metal caps to both halves of the inside folds. The children then decorated them using markers and crayons.

Click Beetle Clicker

We also created scratch and sniff paintings with smelly watercolor paint of flowers and then stamped the landscape with insect stamps. The scratch and sniff paint was created using a mixture of liquid watercolor paint, coordinating color Kool-aid and water.

Smelly Watercolor

Noisy Bug Sing-Along Outdoor Actvities

Once we had completed our crafts we went outside and attempted to collect bugs. This book lends itself well to be taken outside because we experienced a lot of the insect sounds simply by venturing outside to try to catch little bugs.

Overall, I would most definitely suggest this book for kiddos of all early childhood ages; it’s interactive, it’s exciting and it’s fun! Let this book inspire you to get out there and catch your own creepy crawlies!!!


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