Nature Books for Kids: In the Small, Small Pond

In the Small Small Pond

This featured nature book for kids In the Small, Small Pond is a picture book written by Denise Fleming. In the Small, Small Pond is a short and concise story for children ages 4-8. This book introduces children to the inhabitants of ponds in a fun and age-appropriate way.

My Experience with In the Small, Small Pond

I have used this featured nature book for kids for story hour and at camp. To get this story hour off to a start I read Around the Pond: Who’s Been Here? by Lindsay Barrett George and then read In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming. Early childhood readers are easily able to understand through the easy rhyme, rhythm and age-appropriate language that ponds have water and a variety of animals, not just frogs and turtles.

In the Small, Small Pond Crafts

Trying to showcase a few different animals other than the traditional frog and turtle the two crafts that I used were about whirligig beetles and crayfish. For the product piece we created whirligig beetle tops. Using cardboard circles, wooden beads, markers and hot glue we created colorful beetles that could be spun on a table in the same fashion that whirligig beetles do in the wild.

Whirligig Top

For the process craft I provided the children with mittens so that they could “paint like crayfish” with claws. They wore the mittens to experience what it would be like to paint with paintbrushes and claws instead of hands. A lot of the kiddos found it challenging but interesting to paint in this fashion versus the traditional technique. I also provided them with rubber crayfish if they wanted to paint with the animal and not just the claw.

Crayfish Claw Painting

In the Small, Small Pond Outdoor Activities

This book lends itself well to be taken outside. There is mention throughout the entire story about the inhabitants of the pond so we ventured out to try and capture some of those inhabitants in our nets, dippers and minnow traps.

Overall, Denise Fleming is one of my go-to authors for her simplicity, rhythmic writing and overall outdoor content; In the Small, Small Pond continues my desire to use her work. Read this book to your early childhood readers and they will truly love it!


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