Nature Crafts for Kids: Negative Forest Painting

Negative Forest Painting

For a recent story hour, Where Once There Was a Wood, we created this nature craft for kids, the negative forest painting. It is a process craft that allows children to investigate an underused art technique of negative printing.

To create this craft you will need:

  • Plastic animals that would live in your local forests
  • Faux, or real, parts of plants from your local forests
  • Liquid watercolor paint
  • Spray bottles

Prepare your liquid watercolors by pouring a desired amount of liquid watercolor paint into your spray bottle and then dilute it with water until you reach the color you’d like.

To begin painting, place the desired objects onto the paper where you want white to appear.

Negative Forest Painting (1)

Next, spray whatever color over the animals and faux plant parts that you desire. *Note: if you spray too much paint over top of the items the liquid watercolor can seep underneath of them creating zero negative effect.

Negative Forest Painting (2)

Add additional colors if desired.

Negative Forest Painting (3)

Remove items and let dry.

Negative Forest Painting (4)


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