Nature Crafts for Kids: Popsicle Stick Harmonica

Popsicle Stick Harmonica

For a fun way to make lots of noise consider this easy to make, 3 years and up kid-friendly instrument. I used this craft for a story hour about insects and how they survive winter in the story Not a Buzz to Be Found. I told the kiddos that since the insects weren’t out, they could fill the silence with their own buzzing. Although the parents now probably hate me for this craft, it was an absolute hit and a great process piece that will keep them excited about insects.

In order to make this craft you need two large Popsicle sticks, two fourths of a small Popsicle stick, two rubber bands, and a piece of paper the same size as the large Popsicle sticks.

To begin, lay one of the large Popsicle sticks on the table and place one fourth of the small Popsicle stick on the end.

Harmonica Step 1

Then you lay the piece of paper on top of the Popsicle stick and fourth of Popsicle stick.

Harmonica Step 2

Then you place your other fourth of Popsicle stick on the opposite end of the large Popsicle stick.

 Harmonica Step 3

Then you’ll place your second large Popsicle stick on top of everything to make a Popsicle-harmonica sandwich.

Harmonica Step 4

To top it all off you rubber band both ends of the Popsicle-harmonica sandwich and the kiddos are ready to make noise!

Harmonica Step 5

*Teacher Tip: some kiddos can create noise by simply blowing into the side of their harmonica, others may need to bite down a little with their teeth then blow. Either way, it’s a good trial-and-error experiment. Good luck!

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