Nature Crafts for Kids: Vernal Pool Bubble Print

Vernal Pool Bubble Print

Vernal pools are a very intriguing and unique ecosystem that get very little attention from the general public. Help spread some spring cheer with vernal pool bubble prints that show off the critters that call these pools home.

This process art piece requires few materials including:

  • 8.5″ x 11″ card stock paper
  • stamp pads
  • vernal pool critter and leaf stamps
  • paper straws
  • short plastic containers (I used guards from the bottom of plant pots)
  • dish soap
  • water
  • liquid water color

I also used tablecloths since this craft has a tendency to get messy; all part of the fun!

In order to prepare this craft simply place down the tablecloths and set out the paper, stamps and stamp pads to allow the children to make a stamp collage. Then, using the dish soap, water and liquid water color mix a simple bubble solution in the short plastic containers. Voila! Your set up is now complete.

Bubble Pile

Now the fun begins! Allow the children to create their stamp collage first. Encourage them to add variety of critters as well as some leaves. Some of the critters I had available were predacious diving beetle larvae, fairy shrimp, toads and frogs. After completing their collage provide them with a straw and have them pull one of the containers with bubble solution close (I used paper straws because they will decompose in the trash much quicker than plastic straws, but plastic straws are just as functional). Using the straw have them slowly blow a pile of bubbles until it is about to overflow. Once they’ve reached their desired height they turn their collage over so that the stamps are facing the bubble and they squish the bubbles with their papers. Not only is this a fun way to experience art but it also leaves behind some really interesting designs.

I used this craft for a story hour at the nature center where we read The Secret Pool and we did a few other vernal pool related crafts and activities. This craft was a hit with the kids; who doesn’t love bubbles! Adapt this for whatever aquatic ecosystem you’re studying or reading books about and get your bubble on!!!

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