Nature Crafts for Kids: Apple Pie Satchet


For a recent story hour, The Apple Pie Tree, we created this nature craft for kids, the apple pie satchet. It is a product craft that allows kids to use their sense of smell to bring part of the book to life.

To create this craft you will need:

  • Square pieces of red, green and yellow fabric
  • Apple jack cereal
  • Apple chips
  • Cinnamon
  • Green and brown pieces of yarn

To begin, have the kiddos pick a colored fabric and a colored yarn.


Then, have them place a couple of hand fulls of apple jacks in the middle of the square (notice the square has been turned upside down, this will allow the brighter side of the fabric to be the outside of the satchet).


Then, have them place a couple of hand fulls of apple chips into the center as well.


Have the kiddos sprinkle their desired amount of cinnamon onto the pile of goodies.


Lastly, help them grab all four corners, bring them to the center and tie them with their yarn. Smell away!!!


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