Nature Crafts for Kids: Fizzy Apples


For a recent story hour, The Apple Pie Tree, we created this nature craft for kids, fizzy apples. It is a process craft that allows kids to experience the chemical reaction of a base and an acid.

To create this craft you will need:

  • Apple cardstock cut-outs
  • Liquid watercolor in green and red
  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pipettes
  • Paper plates

Prepare your watercolor paint by pouring the desired amount of red paint into water until you reach the color you wish. Add baking soda to this paint, making sure that the baking soda is dissolved. Then, pour the desired amount of green paint into half the amount of water you did for the red, and then add vinegar until it reaches the same level as the red paint.

To begin, have the children put their apple cut-out onto a paper plate. This will contain the massive amounts of liquid watercolor that will inevitably end up surrounding their apple.


Then, have the kiddos paint with one color on their apple.


Then, have them add the other color. Wherever the two colors coincide, they fizz!!! *Hint: the more baking soda and vinegar there are mixed in the paint the more fizzing you’ll have.


Have them paint the entire apple and set aside to dry (this shouldn’t be too challenging, you’ll probably have to remove the apple and swap out the paper plates since they enjoy the fizzing so much!)


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