Nature Crafts for Kids: Marble Leaf


For a recent story hour, Leaf Jumpers, we made this nature craft for kids, marble leaves.

To create this craft you will need:

  • Small trays
  • Shaving cream
  • Tempura paint
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Cardstock leaf cutouts
  • Paper plates

Put a small amount of shaving cream into the bottom of your tray.


Then drip some different colored tempura paints into the shaving cream.


Use a Popsicle stick to swirl the paint a little bit. You want to make sure not to over-swirl the paint though, otherwise the effect isn’t as nice.


Once the paint is swirled to your satisfaction, push your cardstock leaf into the shaving cream/tempura paint mixture.


Pull the leaf out and let it rest on a paper plate for a few minutes.


After letting it rest, dab the excess paint and shaving cream off of the leaf.


This is a process craft that allows kids to experience polar and non-polar substances. Water is a polar substance, meaning that it has charge at the molecular level; positive around the hydrogen and negative around the oxygen. Paper and tempura paint are also polar substances. The shaving cream is a non-polar substance; molecules without charge. The polar, or charged, molecules can move freely between each other so when the shaving cream is removed the paint has soaked in and left a marble effect.

Take some time to get messy and enjoy this beautifully entertaining craft!

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