Nature Crafts for Kids: Whirligig Beetle Top

Whirligig Top NT

Whirligig beetles are an interesting inhabitant of rivers and ponds. They are aquatic beetles that spend a lot of time in community groups where they scoot around on top of the water. They will also move across the water in a spinning motion. To highlight these interesting critters I created the whirligig beetle top craft to show off their spinning abilities in a fun way!

To create this craft you’ll need the following materials:

  • Cardboard (cut into circles)
  • Wood beads
  • Markers
  • Hot glue

To begin trace the circumference of the wooden bead onto the cardboard circle.

Whirligig Beetle Top (1)

This leaves a circle on the cardboard wide enough for the bead to be placed into later.

Whirligig Beetle Top (2)

After the circle is drawn, cut it out with an Exacto knife or some other tool being careful not to cut yourself.

Whirligig Beetle Top (3)

Cut the entire inner circle out so that the bead can later be pushed inside it.

Whirligig Beetle Top (4)

After cutting out the circle your child can now color the whirligig top however they please. I colored mine like a whirligig but the more colorful and squiggly the more beautiful it looks when spun.

Whirligig Beetle Top (5)

After coloring the cardboard, push the bead into the circle.

Whirligig Beetle Top (6)

To secure the bead make sure to hot glue the bead to the cardboard.

Whirligig Beetle Top (7)

After hot-gluing the bead into place you can let your kiddo spin their new top!

Whirligig Beetle Top (8)

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