Outdoor Activities for Kids: River Ramble

River Ramble NT

River Outdoor Activities for Kids

We took full advantage of my day off on Monday and spent some time doing outdoor activities for kids in the river. Our little squirt absolutely LOVES the water and she has a blast exploring everything. We were equipped with her bathing suit, swimcap, reusable swim diaper and water shoes. Upon entering the water she was very sure-footed and wanted to get her hands on everything. We found mussels, aquatic plants, beetles, fish and plenty more. The most important find, however, were the rocks at the bottom of the river; she was mesmerized by the differences in colors, shapes and sizes (I see a rock collection in the near future!)


Not only did we walk in the river we tested out how much she would enjoy tubing since we are interested in tubing as a family later this summer (the tube that we bought was only $4 from Meijer and it has the cross supports to keep her from falling out; it works great!). I walked her upstream and then walked beside her as she floated down river. The look on her face when she realized that I wasn’t holding on to the tube was quite humorous; it was an eyebrow-raised sort of moment  ‘0_o’


Take Your Kiddo to the River

This time of the year is great for wading in the river with little ones; the water is very low and slow and is quite warm. Find a local river and spend some time looking around for little river treasures such as flat rocks to skip, empty mussel shells, snail shells or even some fishing lures that were left behind (just make sure all non-swimmers are wearing some sort of floaty). A great book to read before or after you get in the river is If You Find a Rock
by Peggy Christian. Since rocks are often found when exploring rivers in both the riverbed and the riverbanks, this book is applicable because it gives meaning to rocks that is easy for children of all ages to relate to.

A fun game and outdoor activity for kids that are able to swim is to play ball tag. What you’ll need are small floating balls that your kiddos can toss at each other without getting hurt. Someone starts as “it” and tries to hit someone else with the ball to tag them. If they hit someone then they become the new “it” person, if they miss they have to make it to another ball and try again, sometimes this becomes a real challenge since the river is constantly flowing downstream. This is an especially fun game with a lot of people but can be done with just a few. I wish you luck with a river ramble of your own!

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