Outdoor Activities for Kids: Snowshoe Experiment


With the falling snow comes the desire to get outside and play! Many recreational activities take place in the snow including snowboarding, sledding, and snowshoeing. Snowshoeing can be a really fun and engaging activity for the entire family from infants to adults. Get your kiddos interested and excited about going snowshoeing with this snowshoe experiment sensory bin.


To prepare this sensory bin get flour, plastic animals, cardboard, a hot glue gun and a bin. I had prepared a set of eight animals including two bear, two wolf, two frogs and two sheep. I cut little pieces of cardboard and hot glued them on to one of each of the animals so that half the animals had “snowshoes” and half did not. After the animals have their “snowshoes” pour the flour into the bin and let the kiddos experiment! Encourage the kids to walk the different animals in the flour, aka the snow, to see the difference between the animals that have snowshoes and those that don’t. Snowshoes distribute the weight of the wearer over more space so that when they walk their feet do not sink into the snow. When they walk the animals without snowshoes the feet of the animals will sink deep into the snow and when they walk the animals with snowshoes they stay on top of the snow.

This sensory bin was a ton of fun, very messy and a great illustration of how snowshoes work. Get your kiddos involved with a little indoor experiment to prepare them for outdoor fun!!!

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