Outdoor Activities for Kids: Meteor Shower

Tonight, August 12th is going to be an amazing opportunity to get your kids outdoors! After normal bedtime, the sky will literally be lit up with meteors thanks to the Perseid meteor shower that began July 17th and will last until approximately August 24th, according to Space.com. Peak showing, however, is tonight August 12th with the probability of 80 meteors per hour but the possibility of up to 150-200 meteors per hour (that’s 1 or 2 meteors every minute)!

The Perseid meteor shower is brought to us by Earth’s orbit around the sun and our movement through the path of Comet Swift-Tuttle. Today and tonight we will be passing through the dustiest area giving us our best possible showing. Tonight’s meteors are created by the dust and debris left behind by the Comet Swift-Tuttle but due to its close proximity to Earth this year, we will get one of the brightest meteor showers we have seen in years! Get outside and check it out; it won’t be this good again until 2126!

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