Outdoor Activities for Kids: Pallet Garden

Last year we rented a garden from the apartment complex that we were living at. Our daughter loved going out daily to water and harvest. This year since we moved back into our house, we were going to simply tend flower beds. While planting flowers our little one looks at me and asks, “which ones can we eat?” I explained that these flowers were just to look pretty and that we are unable to eat any of the things we were planting. After a while of digging and finding worms she says, “we need to plant something to eat. I like to eat stuff from gardens.”

Looks like we are gardening parents for life now! (or at least until she is too busy to be interested anymore). Not wanting to invest too much money with selling our house on the horizon, we decided to up-cycle the pallets that the previous owners left behind. We bought some soil at Meijer, dumped it into upside down pallets, spread the soil out and planted.

With lots of sun, water and patience our pallet gardens have been working very well! Super easy set-up, no need for weeding and easy partitioning with built in sections, pallet gardens are now our favorite way to grow just enough produce for our little one to get a fresh snack now and then. Give these a try in your own yard, they don’t take up much space but you get all the benefits of a large in-ground or raised garden bed!

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