Personalize Your Child’s Favorite Book

Personalize Fav Book

Eco Babies Wear Green is one of my daughter’s favorite books. She loves the pictures and concepts illustrated with each page and even has the book nearly memorized. To help bring the abstract concepts home a little more, my husband and I decided to personalize Eco Babies Wear Green by using the text from the book but putting pictures of our own child. Using Shutterfly or Picaboo you can create a photo book with text and photos.

Take a look below for our rendition of Eco Babies Wear Green.

Title Page

Wear Green

Love nature


Run on Solar Energy

Eat local

Save Water



Turn off the Lights

Our little one immensely loves this version of her favorite book. We made sure to give credit for the text to the author on both the title page and front cover. Take the opportunity to make your child’s favorite book a little more close to home!

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