Sunday Snippet: Amazing Apples

Amazing Apples NT

It is absolutely, positutely, 100% fall (at least according to the position of the Earth’s axis in relation to the sun!) and we took full advantage of our fantastic fall weather this Sunday by going to Uncle John’s Cider Mill in St. John’s, Michigan. This cider mill is one of the biggest in central Michigan and well within a comfortable driving distance of our home.

Upon arriving our little squirt was instantly excited by the bouncy castles and obstacle courses; we totally understood but she is still a little too small! We bypassed those and moved into the market area where we browsed in the pumpkins, flowers and apples. The pumpkins were HUGE and she was super excited by them- carving will be very fun this year I think!

apple cider watching

After visiting the outside market we went into the shop and got to see how apple cider is made and she was absolutely mesmerized! We watched the apples go in at the top of the machine, fall down into a big container, squeeze out the juice and expel bits and pieces of apple into another big container.

After that we got the opportunity to go on a tractor ride around the property and see the pumpkin patch, corn maze and apple orchard. Overall it was a great way to kick of fall of 2015! Get you and your family out to enjoy what your community has to offer this fall!

*Teacher tip: take a field trip out to an orchard and talk about where our food comes from. You could even discuss what plants need to survive and what the owners are providing the trees with to ensure their survival.

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