Sunday Snippet: Bin o’ Bubbles

Bin o Bubbles NT

Our little squirt, just like many other children nationwide, has been afflicted with… a love of bubbles. She loves them so much that even the mention of bubbles in dishwater gets her all excited. To give the girl a fix on her addiction my husband whipped up a basic set of suds with dish soap and water and placed them in a tupperware container.

This bin o’ bubbles was a major hit! She loved squishing the bubbles between her fingers and spreading them all over her legs…as long as you don’t mind a little dampness on your child and your furniture, this is a simple yet effective way to get your child an indoor fix for their bubble obsession.

*Teaching tip: early childhood classrooms can adopt this method to work with their sensory lessons or bins; allow your students to explore with the bubbles inside and outside; add liquid water color and provide them with straws to blow larger, colored bubbles; the possibilities are endless!!!

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