Sunday Snippet: Climbing Cedars

Climbing Cedars 2015

We spent this Sunday with our little one’s great grandpa who is turning 86 tomorrow! Of course we could not ignore the call of our grandmother’s lovely backyard so we took our little one out to explore. While out and about we found some fantastic cedar trees that were just short enough for the squirt to be able to climb in and out of on her own (cedar trees are really nice for little ones to climb because they often have multiple trunks growing from a single set of roots providing many places for little hands and feet to work).

Climbing trees is a great way to get your little ones involved and connected to nature; I bet you can remember a fantastic story of a time that you climbed a tree! It also encourages gross motor development and problem solving skills. Give that same gift to your children and allow them the opportunity to be a literal tree hugger!

*Teaching tip: allowing children to climb trees in an outdoor play space is a great way to develop gross motor skills. By solving nature’s natural climbing puzzles they are using their hand-eye coordination as well as problem solving skills to reach the goal of climbing the tree. In order to manage this task set reasonable expectations as you do in your classroom; consider a height level (no higher than their friend is tall) or tree width (if you can touch when you hug the tree it is too small) to encourage safe choices for your students as well as the trees.

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