Sunday Snippet: Cutting the Conifer

Cutting the Conifer

In the recent crazy weather this country has been experiencing we had some excitement at our house in the form of a fallen tree. The 60 mph winds that Michigan experienced last Thursday landed us with a large pine down in the front yard but luckily no damage came to our house, our cars or any of our other trees (the yellow car in the picture is not ours and we’ve been asking the owner for six months to move it; we don’t feel bad). The tree simply couldn’t have fallen any better way. That being said, we still had a tree in our yard that needed taken care of.

Cutting the Conifer (4)

With the help of two of my brothers and a family friend, two chainsaws arrived and the cutting began. Our little squirt at first was very apprehensive about these loud machines that were cutting up her friend the tree. She began by watching from her birding chair in the front window of the house. However, after watching from afar for a little bit she started to become extra curious.

Cutting the Conifer

When she was ready and reassured that she was safe, we loaded her up with her PPE, personal protective equipment. Chainsaws are really loud and can cause ear damage so we made sure to provide her with earmuffs to muffle the volume (not the kind to keep you warm but the kind to muffle loud noises). No matter where you stand, if there is a chainsaw running there should be eye protection so we suited her up with her sunglasses. We also provided her with gardening gloves in case she wanted to help move some brush.

Cutting the Conifer (3)

Once our precious one was suited up and ready to go we took her outside to investigate. She watched from the porch as the chainsaws were running to ensure her safety. When the chainsaws were off she was able to get involved by moving some brush into the brush pile.

Cutting the Conifer (2)

Overall, this experience showed our little girl a lot of new things. She got to see heavy machinery working for the first time in addition to working together as a family to accomplish an unexpected task. This was also a good form of closure to her as she genuinely loves each tree and had a really hard time understanding why her tree friend fell over. By involving our little one in this laborious act we gave her confidence in her abilities, her uncles’ abilities and our abilities as parents to ensure her safety both physically and emotionally.

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