Sunday Snippet: Finding Fungi

Finding Fungi NT

This Sunday the weather was absolutely beautiful so we took full advantage of it by exploring the yard. Having been cooped up inside a lot lately due to thunderstorms it was refreshing to be able to get outside and enjoy the sun and slight autumn breeze. When we got outside we found a wonderful surprise left for us by the rain that had kept us inside so much this week…fungi!!!! Throughout the spring, summer and fall rain triggers growth in the fruit bodies of fungi and many different mushrooms and fungi can be found all over!


Fungi comes in many colors, shapes and textures and we ran into four totally different kinds just in our yard. We found tall ones (almost up to her knee!), round ones and fat ones. Due to the complexity of fungi fruit it is hard to determine what each one is so we examined them and poked at them but left them where they were.

Kids are inherently interested in mushrooms and fungus so getĀ outside and have yourself a fun time!

*Teacher Tip: take your early childhood kids out and look for the colors of the rainbow in fungi form. There are so many different colors and shapes that you can do a sensory study on the ones that you find. For older kids you can get into the biology behind fungi and their properties as a decomposer in the food chain.

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