Sunday Snippet: Grabbing Garbage

Grabbing Garbage NT

It was another hot and muggy summer night so to pass the time my little squirt and I went out in the yard to pick up the garbage that blows in from the road. While the little one held the bag I picked up a cup, a balloon, some caution tape and other pieces of litter that made their appearance in our yard. Our little squirt did a great job pointing out the foreign objects that did not belong in nature, a skill I was surprised she possessed.


To celebrate our good deed for nature we walked across the road to the park and had a great swinging session with fun songs like “I’m a Little Fishy” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Take some time to go outside with your little ones and clean up the areas that you visit most often, creating a beautiful and healthy environment for animals and plants alike!

*Teaching Tip: modify this for your classroom by taking time to clean up the school yard. It will help create a sense of community as well as stewardship in your students!

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