Sunday Snippet: Images of Insects

Images of Insects

This last Sunday I took my little squirt to the local butterfly conservatory. From March to April butterflies emerge from their chrysalises and are contained in a greenhouse for the children of our town to come and experience. My child was not very interested in seeing these beautiful critters up close so I devised a way for her to see them in a different light: I allowed her to use my old digital camera to take pictures as we walked through the conservatory and she had a fantastic time!

Images of Insects (1)

Allowing her to use a camera to experience the butterflies provided her a physical barrier between her and the butterfly. If she wanted to come close she would pull her camera up to her face and the perceived distance was enough to keep the fear from taking over. She loved to see what the pictures looked like after she took them. Although this digital camera had a screen display she insisted on holding the camera up to her eye! 🙂

Images of Insects (2)

After all was said and done it was a lot of fun to look through the pictures she took to understand what my almost three year old found important. Look below for a few of our favorite pictures!

Images of Insects (4) Images of Insects (5) Images of Insects (6) Images of Insects (7) Images of Insects (8)

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