Sunday Snippet: Loading Logs


We recently spent time helping our little one’s great grandpa with chores around the house. For being in his late eighties he doesn’t ask for a lot of help, so, when he does, we hop right to it. This time he asked that we help stack the ash trees that he had to take down. The Emerald Ash Borer did not spare any of their ash trees and they all had to be taken down.


We took it upon ourselves to help move the little logs that were cut up and tossed to the side while the fellas took the larger pieces. Our little one took pride in being a big helper and walked several little logs to the log pile.


She found nice little nooks that she could place her little logs into to keep the pile stable. In the end we had a nicely stacked pile of logs that we’re pretty sure our 87 year old grandpa is going to attempt to split himself, or maybe, we’ll be making another trip to great grandpa’s house soon 🙂


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