Sunday Snippet: Looking at Lightning

As many across the country know the midwest was under a severe thunderstorm watch tonight and the weatherman didn’t let us down. The rain was very thick with lots of streak lightning and thunder. This being the first thunderstorm our little squirt has been conscious for my husband had the foresight to make the experience into a positive one.

Looking Lightning NT

While the storm was relatively calm he took our little one to the window and pointed out “nature’s fireworks”. The lightning struck across the sky and her face lit up. She loved to watch the change in the sky as well as the bright light flash; she even learned the word “wow” and how to use it in these moments. When the thunder started, it was another story. She clung tightly to her daddy and buried her face in his chest. Slowly however she became accustomed to the noise and began to enjoy it. Whenever thunder would sound she would stick her finger in the air and make a surprised face.

Through this positive experience with the thunderstorm we calmly put her to bed and it went down just like our everyday routine (thank goodness!). Next time there is a thunderstorm and your little one is scared take some time to sit down with them and show them the wonder of “nature’s fireworks”!

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  1. What a great idea! I love seeing the wonder in my daughter’s eyes when she learns something new. Way to take a potentially scary situation and turn it into a positive experience! Sending love from Texas, Brittney @paperplanelaneboutique

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