Sunday Snippet: Marvelous Moon

Marvelous Moon NT

Our little squirt absolutely LOVES the moon! I’m not sure what she finds so captivating about the moon but she is asking to see it every time we walk through the door. I suppose we can blame her love of the moon on a magical evening where the full moon was bright in our backyard over a lawn covered in fog…but who knows, maybe she just likes it because it’s this giant bright thing in the middle of a sea of blackness…who knows?!

Either way we show her the moon any time that we see it out. By observation she knows that the moon can be out day or night and that it comes in different shapes (already she knows more than some kindergartners). We read her books likeĀ Good Night Moon, and books about the universe. We even found a moon bank that I had when I was a child.

In short, find something that your child loves and nourish that interest, no matter what age they are. By showing them that you notice their interests they will see love and respect and will reciprocate that onto you. Plus, sharing in their interests can be a lot of fun!

*Teacher Tip: find out what your class is interested in and spend an hour a week or month to explore those subjects. Student driven learning will create more active learners and ultimately better overall understanding of the curriculum and world.

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