Sunday Snippet: Playing in Puddles

Playing Puddles


This week has been a humid and rainy week here in Michigan which has given our little squirt the opportunity to experiment with nature’s weather changes. Although the humid heat drains her energy and turns her into a groggy, unpredictable little zombie getting outside and doing something can really lift her spirits.

While out in our driveway our squirt discovered the wonders of puddles as so many other children have before her. She slowly approached the edge and dipped her tiny little toe into the water; as the cold water engulfed her foot she slowly moved forward until the other foot was also submerged. When she came to the conclusion that this mysterious new thing on the ground was made of her beloved water she was all in; and then the jumping began.

Although a change of clothes was the only inevitable ending to this experiment taking the time to allow her to work through and have a positive experience is an important part of developing her problem solving skills. Take time to allow your children to work through their own problems in a safe manner and help them to develop strong skills that will aid them in the future.

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