Sunday Snippet: Preparing our Plot

Preparing our Plot NT

At our new apartment complex they have two sets of community gardens that occupants can rent and plant;  we have definitely taken advantage of this amenity not having had a garden so far in our marriage. This Sunday was the first day that we could work on our garden plot and we got right to it.

Our little squirt was busy with her garden tools “digging out” the garden bed. Since there are thirty garden beds directly next to each other we placed two stake butterflies into the ends of our bed so that our little one could find ours among the others. As she moved her way around the bed she continued to veer off in order to dig out the other beds. The butterflies worked like a charm, however, because all I had to do was remind her to come back to where the butterflies were (we let her pick what stake charms she wanted as a way to get her involved as well as remember the cues for our garden).


As we worked the soil she kept picking up the rocks and worms and telling me how cute they were. As I held worms in my hand she would then dump soil on top of them, a good indication to me that she is aware of the shelter needs of earthworms.


Due to the weather, however, the only planting that we did was our indoor herb garden that our little one is excited about watering with the squirt bottle! As of right now we have given our two year old a few chores including cleaning up her toys, feeding the dog and cats and now watering the herb gardens 🙂   Get inspired to start your own garden, however small, to encourage children to be excited about plants and their development!

*Teacher Tip: May is a great time of the year to get kids outside working up the ground. Grab a kiddie pool and place it somewhere approved in the school yard, fill it full of soil and plant some crops; this is a fantastic way to get an outdoor break in a season of testing. Throughout the summer encourage your kiddos to come back and weed as well as harvest the goods from their classroom garden.

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