Sunday Snippet: Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds NT

With the ground broken, aerated and ready to go we eagerly made our way out to our garden plot to begin the planting process. We were prepared with a few packets of heirloom seeds as well as a few sprouts (we were lucky enough to have been gifted with six different varieties of heirloom tomato plants courtesy of one of my friends). Our little squirt was super pumped about using her shovel again and suited up well with her gardening gloves, sun hat and planting overalls 🙂

Sowing Seeds 2

We began by planting our little one’s flowers which she had picked out the day before. This space is her little digging area since she really seems to enjoy shoveling dirt into a bucket, dumping it back in the garden and then shoveling it back into the bucket again. After those were planted we arranged our garden so that the taller plants would be facing the north side of the garden and the shorter plants on the south side. This arrangement allows for optimal sun for all plants.

Time will tell how well we spaced, weed and water to keep these seeds from failing. Good luck with your own little seeds you sow!

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