Sunday Snippet: Spray Park!!!

Today was a crazy humid, hot day and what better way to cool off than to go to the local spray park? Our little squirt had her first experience with this wonder today and I am glad to say that it was a hit!

Spray Park NT

She, like so many other kiddos, was running around and laughing as water sprayed her from all sides. This stop was impromptu on our walk around Island Park and I was so happy that I had her swimsuit in her diaper bag. I decided this summer that her swimsuit and bathing cap were two must-haves since you never know when a one year old will want to get wet! Take a moment to go outside sometime soon and enjoy the wonders of water with your children; on a super hot day this can be hours upon hours of fun for children of any age (including those that are children at heart!!!)

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  1. Water play is a must especially in the summer. Too cute.

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