Uncle Milton Moon In My Room Review

For Christmas my husband and I bought our moon child Uncle Milton – Moon In My Room. After reading several conflicting reviews we thought we’d give it a try. It seemed like a low-stress investment at only $20 on sale on Amazon when we bought it (we later found it at Target for a similar price). We were most excited about the realistic appearance to the moon as well as the ability to change phases.

We were not disappointed! When our daughter opened this little gem on Christmas morning we popped batteries in it right away. Unfortunately it didn’t work the first night since we didn’t have a AAA battery for the remote but when we finally did get the appropriate battery the moon lit up our daughter’s eyes. There are three buttons total on the remote which are very easy to follow; so easy, in fact, that our then 18 month old could control the whole thing with ease (we actually let her choose her own moon phase each night at bedtime!). The biggest button allows you to change the phases one-by-one; the middle button automatically changes phases every five seconds when pressed once; the littlest button is simply used to turn the moon on and off.


Our squirt’s moon phase choice of the night

The phases and realistic appearance were fantastic benefits to the Moon in My Room, but the added benefit of automatically turning off after thirty minutes of inactivity was a fantastic addition, one that will be incredibly useful in the future I am sure. It also has three hanging holes so that you can adjust your angle to the angle the ridges and craters are viewed from your location on Earth.

Thus far we have only come across one negative to this contraption and that is if you misplace the remote your are SOL. The remote is the only thing that will allow you to change the phases; be careful with your remote!!! Overall I would highly suggest this for any little lunar lover or teachers teaching the moon phases.

*Teacher Tip:┬áif you’re teaching moon phases this realistic moon would be a great way to recap the phases from the week or to talk about the pattern that can be found throughout the month. It would also be a great visual for when you can’t get outside as well as being a bringing-the-nature-in decoration for any classroom.

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