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Naturally Teaching Elementary Science Podcast
The Naturally Teaching Elementary Science podcast is for teachers that want to be teaching science more in their elementary classrooms.

The podcast designed for elementary teachers who are passionate about teaching science in their classrooms.

Join me each week as we explore practical strategies for teaching science in elementary school, discover the power of integrating science with literacy through captivating picture books, and uncover the magic of outdoor education and its link in teaching science.

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4. 6 Invasive Species Activities to Use in the Elementary Classroom Naturally Teaching Elementary Science

Providing hands-on experiences with plants while teaching science can be challenging when we want to preserve the integrity of our school yard ecosystem. But I have a hack for you…invasive species activities! Tune in to find out why invasive species are perfect for up-close investigations, harvesting, and being the subject of fascinating research. During the episode I share an invasive species activity for each grade, K-5, that are linked to a coordinating Next Generation Science Standard and a little natural history to give the concept context. Get inspired by some of the activities for a grade other than yours and make it work for your curricular needs; these activities are easy to adapt and could work for many different age groups!💚 Resources mentioned:Episode 1: 10 Science Activities for Elementary Students That Aren't ExperimentsTopics in the episode: invasive species activities, invasive species, exotic species, native species, Next Generation Science Standards, biodiversityTpT Shop: Naturally Teaching💚 Get more tips and tricks on the website:📸 Follow along on Instagram: @naturally.teaching💻 Check us out on Facebook: @naturally.teaching
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Teaching science can be impactful for your students if you gain confidence in methods to help you teach it.

Victoria Zablocki is a former elementary educator turned outdoor educator with 10 years of experience integrating outdoor education into science learning. During her decade in the field, she coached teachers in public schools on how to accomplish their curricular goals in science with authentic and place-based experiences.

She’s continuing her coaching journey through this podcast by giving you confidence for teaching science in fun, engaging, and authentic ways. Each Monday she releases a new episode that introduces effective science teaching methods, ways to integrate science and ELA, and tips and tricks to leverage outdoor education. 

Want to learn more? Check out my philosophy and see if we’re a good fit.

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