Outdoor Education: Mushrooms for Tots


Recently I ran a hike for early childhood children of 6 months to 3 years of age that was focused around mushrooms. Our forests this fall have been sprouting with all sorts of wonderful mushrooms and I knew I had to take advantage of it. The tricky part with mushrooms…

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Nature Crafts for Kids: Squirrel Feeder


For a recent story hour, Squirrel’s Fall Search, we created this nature craft for kids, the squirrel feeder. It is a process craft that allows kids to work on fine motor control. To create this craft you will need: Yarn and scissors Fruit loops or the off-brand version Masking tape To…

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Outdoor Education: Fossils


Fossils are an interesting and fun topic to teach children. The Next Generation Science standards have 3rd graders analyzing and interpreting data from fossils in order to provide evidence of the organisms and the environments in which they lived a long time ago (3-LS4-1). As part of my job I…

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Nature Books for Kids: Squirrel’s Fall Search


This featured nature book for kids Squirrel’s Fall Search is a picture book written by Anita Loughrey. Squirrel’s Fall Search is a fun introduction for kids 4-6 on the behavior change squirrels exhibit when fall comes. My Experience with Squirrel’s Fall Search I have used this featured nature book for kids for a story…

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Potty Training Toddlers on the Go


Potty training toddlers can be incredibly intimidating especially when you have to travel! Use this potty training hack to make potty training on the go easy! All you need are disposable diaper bags and your potty training potty. To begin put one of the disposable diaper bags into the cup of…

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Sunday Snippet: Loading Logs


We recently spent time helping our little one’s great grandpa with chores around the house. For being in his late eighties he doesn’t ask for a lot of help, so, when he does, we hop right to it. This time he asked that we help stack the ash trees that…

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Sunday Snippet: Apple Adventure


After tons of searching, many phone calls and a few failed attempts we finally found a u-pick apple orchard. In all our 26 years of life, neither my husband nor I have gotten the opportunity to pick apples from trees; this year ended that streak. We took the little squirt…

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Nature Crafts for Kids: Fizzy Apples


For a recent story hour, The Apple Pie Tree, we created this nature craft for kids, fizzy apples. It is a process craft that allows kids to experience the chemical reaction of a base and an acid. To create this craft you will need: Apple cardstock cut-outs Liquid watercolor in green…

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