Sunday Snippet: Apple Adventure


After tons of searching, many phone calls and a few failed attempts we finally found a u-pick apple orchard. In all our 26 years of life, neither my husband nor I have gotten the opportunity to pick apples from trees; this year ended that streak. We took the little squirt…

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Nature Crafts for Kids: Fizzy Apples


For a recent story hour, The Apple Pie Tree, we created this nature craft for kids, fizzy apples. It is a process craft that allows kids to experience the chemical reaction of a base and an acid. To create this craft you will need: Apple cardstock cut-outs Liquid watercolor in green…

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Sunday Snippet: Harvesting Honey


This weekend we spent some time with great grandparents. During this time talk turned to Justin’s grandpa’s honey bee hives. An ongoing project, his grandfather owns three hives in a suburb of Detroit. These three hives have thousands of bees that produce a modest amount of honey each year. My…

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Birch Bark Observations


While at a family reunion recently our daughter came upon a birch tree. She had seen them before, but never truly investigated the unique bark. This time, the curly-cues caught her attention, and, as all toddlers do, she investigated with her hands. She began simply by running her hands along…

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