Outdoor Activities for Kids: Spring Fish

Spring Fish

 This spring my squirt and I went dipping in a bioswale expecting to catch frogs and tadpoles. A bioswale, by definition, is a man-made landscape element designed to concentrate and collect surface runoff water. Since this body of water was developed by people there shouldn’t be any fish. With one quick…

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Nature Books for Kids: A Wood Frog’s Life

A Wood Frog's Life

This featured nature book for kids A Wood Frog’s Life is a picture book written and illustrated by John Himmelman for children ages 5 and up. My Experience with A Wood Frog’s Life I have used this featured nature book for kids for a story hour and for spring break camp. We started the…

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Outdoor Education: Self-Correcting Lifecycles

Self-Correcting Lifecycles NT

Teaching animal and plant lifecycles can be a very fun and exciting topic for children. Bringing nature inside, I used bare nesting dolls that I painted different stages of lifecycles for a science center. These nesting dolls provide the opportunity for children to experience lifecycles in a self-correcting way. I painted the…

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Outdoor Activities for Kids: Rainbow Chasing

Rainbow Chasing

With spring officially here visions of warm weather, soggy days and mud dance through our heads. On the vernal (or spring) equinox our little squirt and I went outside chasing rainbows. We were lucky enough to catch a rainbow as it began to fade and admire its brilliant colors. Rainbows are…

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Nature Books for Kids: Maple Trees

Maple Trees

This featured nature book for kids Maple Trees is a non-fiction picture book written for the Rookie Read-About Science series by Allan Fowler. Maple Trees is an engaging book with real pictures for kiddos ages 6 and up. My Experience with Maple Trees I have used this featured nature book for kids for a story hour.…

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Sunday Snippet: Cutting the Conifer

Cutting the Conifer

In the recent crazy weather this country has been experiencing we had some excitement at our house in the form of a fallen tree. The 60 mph winds that Michigan experienced last Thursday landed us with a large pine down in the front yard but luckily no damage came to…

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Nature Crafts for Kids: Weather Wheel

Weather Wheel

Weather is a fun and intriguing subject to children. Help them keep track of what the weather is outside each day by creating a weather wheel. Instead of “recreating the wheel”, print your little one a copy from our Weather Wheel  free printable! Print, cut out, color and put together…

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Nature Books for Kids: The Little Cloud

Little Cloud

This featured nature book for kids The Little Cloud is a fictional picture book written by Eric Carle. The Little Cloud is a fun take on clouds and cloud watching for kiddos ages 3-5. My Experience with The Little Cloud I have used this featured nature book for kids for a story hour and with my…

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Sunday Snippet: Images of Insects

Images of Insects

This last Sunday I took my little squirt to the local butterfly conservatory. From March to April butterflies emerge from their chrysalises and are contained in a greenhouse for the children of our town to come and experience. My child was not very interested in seeing these beautiful critters up…

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