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Read this guide to learn about teaching the weather of summer in elementary school and how it relates to your weather unit
Teaching the Weather of Summer: A Helpful Guide for Elementary Teachers

Teaching the weather of summer is a great way to end your school year and weather studies in kindergarten and 3rd grade. Your students are already feeling the warmer temperatures, hearing the birds call, and getting antsy, so why not harness the excitement and get outside?! Summer is unique in each region and will have […]

Read this list to find wonderful animal life cycles picture books to read to your students
11 Fantastic Animal Life Cycles Books by John Himmelman

One of my favorite things to do with third graders is to go to vernal pools in the spring and try to find animal life cycles in the water. These rich outdoor labs provided my students the opportunity to see frogs and toads in at least three different stages as well as many invertebrates. They […]

Read this guide to learn how to use vernal pools to reach your curricular goals
How Vernal Pools Can Be Used to Reach Your Curricular Goals

Trudging through the woods with a trail of kindergarteners behind me, we spot our destination right away. Vernal pools sitting there, waiting for us to explore. We all stand around the edge and stare at these innocent puddles wondering what we may find. I give directions about how to use scientific tools to sample the […]

Read this kids Earth Day books list with 18 titles that will inspire elementary students this year
18 Kids Earth Day Books to Inspire Elementary Students This Year

Picture books are an amazing way to learn about the world and can be an invaluable tool for introducing children to abstract concepts such as the meaning of Earth Day. This inspirational kids Earth Day books list is compiled of 18 titles that introduce the planet, encourage the enjoyment of nature, and share positive human […]

Read this list to find awesome Earth Day activities elementary students will love
A List of Earth Day Activities Elementary Students Will Love This Year

Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to get your students involved with some awesome stewardship or community service projects. But sometimes brainstorming and planning these sorts of activities is challenging. You’re here to read about Earth Day activities elementary students will love and hopefully you’ll get what you came for! This article will cover some […]

Read this guide to learn how to use the maple syrup season to fulfill your curricular goals
How Maple Syrup Season Can Help You Teach Elementary Students

It’s almost maple syrup season again, and I can’t help but think about how magical this time of the year is for kids and adults alike. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a region that can produce maple syrup and my grandmother would take me and my three brothers to the sugarhouse at […]

Read this guide to learn about the global citizen science project the Great Backyard Bird Count and how you and your students can get involved with it
The Great Backyard Bird Count: How to Take Part for Elementary Teachers

Have you ever looked at your assigned standards and thought, “what on Earth am I going to do to achieve this goal with my elementary students?” If we’re being honest, that’s how I feel about some of the social studies standards… Even with a science degree, I took a look at the Next Generation Science […]

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