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Science activities, experiments, notebook ideas, and more will help you with teaching your elementary science curriculum.

Read this article to learn about reusing recyclables to make 10 different science tools for your elementary classroom
Reusing Recyclables: 10 Science Tools to Make for Students

Reusing recyclables to make science tools could be the difference between your students repeating scientific information and actually understanding it. Let me give you an example: one day I was coaching a 3rd grade teacher on how to use mineral testing kits that I brought for her students to try. The school had textbooks about […]

Read this interview to learn about the conservation implications for using a raising butterflies kit in your elementary classroom
A Raising Butterflies Kit for the Classroom: A Conservation Conversation

If you’ve thought about adding a raising butterflies kit to your list of activities this year, you’ll want to read this article first! While these kits have great reviews and many teachers praise their benefits in the classroom, there’s a bigger picture to consider. I had the opportunity to interview Jenn Kirts and Michelle Fournier […]

Read this guide for alternative Valentine's Day party ideas including activities, snacks, and crafts
Beyond Hearts and Cupids: A Guide to Alternative Valentine’s Day Parties for Elementary Teachers

Planning a fun and engaging classroom celebration poses a unique challenge for elementary teachers, unless you decide to plan an alternative Valentine’s Day experience for your students. In this guide, we’ll transform your Valentine’s Day party into an educational experience, exploring engaging activities and creative crafts that align with your science curriculum. Let’s redefine classroom […]

Read this guide to learn tips to begin teaching about matter in winter with your elementary students
Snowy Science: A Guide to Teaching About Matter in Winter

Sometimes teaching about matter can be intimidating and challenging. It’s an abstract concept that educators have the difficult task of teaching to young children. This guide to teaching matter in winter will hopefully give you some ideas for leveraging the season to help you fulfill your curricular goals in an impactful and engaging way while […]

If you're talking about turkey facts this November check out this article and how it can help you in your elementary classroom
Talking About Turkey Facts: 10 Things to Know Before Thanksgiving

Talking about turkey facts is a regular occurrence in classrooms come November in the United States. But do you have the facts to keep your kiddos interested? I have uncovered answers for you for 10 of the most searched terms about wild turkeys. If you want to talk about turkey facts with your students this […]

Read about amphibians vs reptiles and how it can help you in your elementary classroom
Amphibians Vs Reptiles: How to Teach the Difference in Your Elementary Classroom

Amphibians vs reptiles may be one of the hottest topics you cover this school year. Not only are these animals inherently interesting to children (and many adults!), they are also confusing to keep separate. Are reptiles and amphibians the same? What are the characteristics of amphibians? What is the difference between amphibians and reptiles? These […]

Read about seed dispersal types and how they can help you in your elementary classroom
Seed Dispersal Types: 6 Innovative Ways Seeds Travel to New Places

For Teachers What are seed dispersal types? What is seed dispersal by explosion? What is animal seed dispersal and how does it benefit plants? These questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the interesting techniques that plants use for seed dispersal. Teaching seed dispersal in your elementary classroom can be […]

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