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Read this list to find maple syrup books to read to your students
Tapping Into Learning: 15 Maple Syrup Books for Elementary Science

Picture books are an amazing way to learn about the world and can be an invaluable tool for introducing children to scientific skills and concepts. This list of maple syrup books includes 15 titles that can help with your weather units, photosynthesis studies, and your water cycle units.  By reading some of these books to […]

Read this list to find awesome Earth Day activities elementary students will love
A List of Earth Day Activities Elementary Students Will Love This Year

Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to get your students involved with some awesome stewardship or community service projects. But sometimes brainstorming and planning these sorts of activities is challenging. You’re here to read about Earth Day activities elementary students will love and hopefully you’ll get what you came for! This article will cover some […]

Read this guide to learn how to use the maple syrup season to fulfill your curricular goals
How Maple Syrup Season Can Help You Teach Elementary Students

It’s almost maple syrup season again, and I can’t help but think about how magical this time of the year is for kids and adults alike. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a region that can produce maple syrup and my grandmother would take me and my three brothers to the sugarhouse at […]

Answers to 7 frequently asked questions to help with weather teaching in elementary school
Answers to 7 FAQs to Help with Your Weather Teaching in Elementary School

Are you weather teaching in your kindergarten or 3rd grade classroom? Learning about weather can be one of your students’ favorite times of the year because it comes with interesting science tools, learning outdoors, and fun crafts. But what is weather? What are the factors that make weather? How do you explain climate and weather […]

Four different pictures of the same forest in the four different seasons.
A Helpful Introduction for Teachers Teaching the Four Seasons in School

Teaching the four seasons is tied to the Next Generation Science Standards in Kindergarten and 3rd grade. Both grades look at weather patterns over time which can be accomplished when teachers collect and analyze local weather data. When teaching the four seasons, topics to cover include how the seasons change, what happens with the sun, […]

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