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If you're talking about turkey facts this November check out this article and how it can help you in your elementary classroom
Talking About Turkey Facts: 10 Things to Know Before Thanksgiving

Talking about turkey facts is a regular occurrence in classrooms come November in the United States. But do you have the facts to keep your kiddos interested? I have uncovered answers for you for 10 of the most searched terms about wild turkeys. If you want to talk about turkey facts with your students this […]

Read this list to find instructive picture books on pumpkins to read to your students
12 Instructive Picture Books on Pumpkins for Elementary Students

Picture books are an amazing way to learn about the world and can be an invaluable tool for introducing children to scientific skills and concepts. This list of picture books on pumpkins includes 12 titles that introduce pumpkins, pumpkin life cycles, and scientific studies that use pumpkins and their parts.  By reading some of these […]

Answers to 7 frequently asked questions to help with weather teaching in elementary school
Answers to 7 FAQs to Help with Your Weather Teaching in Elementary School

Are you weather teaching in your kindergarten or 3rd grade classroom? Learning about weather can be one of your students’ favorite times of the year because it comes with interesting science tools, learning outdoors, and fun crafts. But what is weather? What are the factors that make weather? How do you explain climate and weather […]

Four different pictures of the same forest in the four different seasons.
A Helpful Introduction for Teachers Teaching the Four Seasons in School

Teaching the four seasons is tied to the Next Generation Science Standards in Kindergarten and 3rd grade. Both grades look at weather patterns over time which can be accomplished when teachers collect and analyze local weather data. When teaching the four seasons, topics to cover include how the seasons change, what happens with the sun, […]

A Free Fall Picture Books List for Teachers with 16 Recommendations

Picture books are an amazing way to learn about the world and can be an invaluable tool for introducing children to the changing seasons. This free fall picture books list for teachers is compiled of 16 titles that introduce seasonal signs, changing leaves, animals in the fall, and moon phases. By reading some of these […]

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